Welcome to the Mental Fills Blog!


Those of you that know me, know I am not a public speaker. I am the first to duck and cover when a volunteer is invited to lead a group, teach a course, or speak in front of an audience. I am a combination of an introvert and overly self-conscious.

I have sublimated my insecurities by becoming an expert listener. I score extra points with friends because I do not monopolize conversations, and my clients appreciate that I do not offer unsolicited lectures.

My social anxiety has transferred over to my writing, and as a result, I have avoided creating this blog for years. With some gentle nudging from colleagues and TPT followers, I have made the commitment to myself to live with “Brene Brown like vulnerability” and finally share my expertise with others.

My goal of this blog is to document a combination of creative, useful, and evidenced-based strategies for parents and professionals working with children, teens, and adults with social and emotional growth needs. I am calling this experience and the tools I will provide on this page, “Mental Fills.”


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